IWD Caribbean Tech Summit 2023//


This year #IWDTechSummit2023 will explore the theme #DareToBeCaribbean, and celebrating our Caribbean Identity and Experience, the impact we have made in Technology and the amazing initiatives/individuals building ecosystems advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our community.


We will be sharing stories of Champions advancing the Caribbean Impact & Identity in STEAM

  • Dare To Be- Stories of Techmakers who led breakthrough products or projects for the Caribbean
  • Fintech and Financial Inclusion Programmes and Solutions
  • Climate Action, Sustainability and Technology
  • Current Caribbean Content Trends & New Creative Markets
  • Navigating Opportunities : Mentorship, Networking, Internships, Continued Learning
  • Mental Health & Resilience – Caribbean Based Interventions and Solutions
  • Data Science/ AI – DEI and Gender Equality Data Science and Research Initiatives
  • TAKE THE LEAD| ECOSYSTEM : Current and Upcoming Caribbean-based professionals, companies, projects & Initiatives expanding Caribbean digital ecosystems and/or OUR global digital footprint.



We invite Women, under-represented communities and allies to share your leadership, expertise, ideas & current projects, and by letting us know what conversations you think are critical as we together shape the future of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Caribbean Tech Space and its diaspora.

Our Theme//


How can we ensure that the solutions, practices and development growing in the regional Tech industry is inclusive of our Caribbean Identity and experience? 


This year #IWDTechSummit2023 will celebrate and explore the theme #DareToBeCaribbean, and explore where we came from, how far the community has come, and where we will go in our Caribbean context in the STEAM space.


This year, we take on the challenge of hosting dialogue exploring the status of the Caribbean Identity and Experience in the Tech Industry, how entrepreneurs and founders are launching breakthrough solutions for regional communities and what steps must be taken to ensure that the Caribbean experience is INCLUDED.
We will also examine the impact of recent programmes and initiatives for DEI in Technology and what systems are needed to amplify Research and Data Collection that is needed for sustainable impact.

We will examine not only the experiences and challenges of our current landscape, but deep dive into the imagination, tools and systems needed to foster the growth of the Caribbean footprint and experience in the global network of technology.

We Belong Here//

For the Makers The Doers, The Shakers

We have been asked alot – am I a techmaker? Many of our amazing community leaders and speakers have shared with us a sense of doubt…over whether they belong in this world of tech…and we want to assuredly respond by saying- YES YOU DO.

Listen to some of our IWD Tech Summit partners as we speak to our fellow Women Techmakers in the Caribbean and the diaspora.

IWD 2022//

Revisit our second 2022 Summit- #ProgressNotPerfection

Contact Us//

We are growing! Join this Caribbean collective for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

If you are interested in partnering or would like to learn more please email us at:

Email: iwdtechsummit@gmail.com

Phone: 1-868-354-3015